Prefabricated villages constructions and worksite living centers

MAT.X prefab
MAT.X VILLAGE is the ideal accommodation, whatever your prefab project
MAT.X building
MAT.X offers traditional buildings, study and implementation of major projects
MAT.X Worksite
MAT.X Worksite offers fully furnished living centers suitable for your medium and long term sites


MAT.X Ltd. How it started

MAT.X was created in response to demand from our clients who wanted to have a global offer on one or more mass projects (creation of a village in its entirety, with accommodation, administrative buildings, schools and chemists, its library, its shops) and totally in harmony with the sites retained, and the climate.

Our services

Our objective is to offer our clients an overall project, building by building, either prefabricated (prefab) or in heavy materials: all construction ranges and materials are available, and are, above all, environmentally friendly.

Moreover, whatever the building type retained, in heavy materials or prefabricated. Labour will stay local, and in the case of prefabs they will be supervised by one of our engineers.

Our worksite living centers

Some of our clients ask us to create, for a specific time, a centre to house several hundred workers, as for instance for the construction of a dam in an isolated spot.

In order to avoid frequent resignations by workers, we had to create a living area, a village, where all the staff stayed on site for 3 years with wives and children, as a result, we avoided the flux of workers coming and going, and with it the loss of skills by staff who otherwise would always have been training and thus optimum profitability was achieved.

Our prefabs

We can build any type of construction, transport it on site, and assure its assembly with local labour.

This needs no specific maintenance equipment, or specific preparation of the ground, by way of example, a 130m2 house takes 6 people, with no experience, 8 days to assemble.

The materials used, the colours, the thermal insulation and soundproofing will be included in the assessment defined in collaboration with our clients.

Finally, it is worth knowing noting that everything can be dismantled and transported elsewhere, under the same conditions as for assembly

Our heavy materials living centers

What we have devised for you in prefabricated form we will be able to complete in traditional materials with skilled workers, under our control.

Your projects interest us, we wish to take part in your deliberations and support you with our experience and dynamism.

Last news

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